Often, we are asked by our clients, what is the best quantity to order. The simple answer is, we don’t know. We can do the hard sell and tell you like some publishers, that you should order more because it’s cheaper per unit, or even worse, that you should order a two year supply. The cost per unit is not based on how many you get printed. It’s based on how many you sell.

The simple truth is that many people order hundreds of books and find out when they arrive that there is an error in the book, or that they don’t have adequate storage to store hundreds of books. Paper if not stored properly will deteriorate quickly if exposed to a damp environment.

We strongly recommend printing only enough books to supply you for approximately 6 months. You can always get more printed if the books sell well. Most of the orders we receive from experienced authors are under 500 books and in most instances for self publishing authors 100-150 books.

Please don’t fall into the trap of believing that any third party knows how many of your books will sell. Quiet honestly, no one can predict how well your book will sell.