A PDF ensures that your printed or viewed file retains the formatting that you intended. Please ensure that your PDF preference is set for press quality. This will ensure that fonts and images are embedded and that no data loss occurs during the printing process. All files should be sent through at 300dpi (preferred) as a minimum. Maximum 450-600 dpi. For the best results with photos, under 150dpi is not advised. 300dpi is better. If you are using Adobe Indesign to design your book, please ensure that the internal text pages are not sent through as spreads. Covers must be supplied as a single PDF, not as 3 pages such as back cover, spine and front cover. To work out the size of your cover, please use our cover and spine width calculator.


To send a PDF for printing, you MUST save the fonts you used in the PDF, so the document looks exactly the same on our machine as it does on your computer. Here’s how to do it:

Mac Word

Word>Preferences>Save>Font embedding check (tick) “Embed fonts in the file" and uncheck “Only embed the characters used in the file”.

The difference is only about 100kB and the possibility of missing one is a risk.

PC Word

File>Options>Save>Preserve fidelity when sharing this document: then check “Embed fonts in the file” and uncheck the following two options ("Embed only the characters used…” and “Do not embed common system fonts”)